A blog irregularly updated by Nathan Schneider with essays, thoughts, and resources. The primary topics are veganism and the abolition of nonhuman exploitation. At this point in history, ‘animal advocacy’ typically involves vegetarianism and the regulation of atrocities. So, unfortunately, this project is irregular in at least two senses.

Who is Nathan Schneider?
Well, taxonomically speaking I'm an animal, sentient being, mammal, primate, great ape, and member of the species Homo sapiens. (We probably have this in common!) Since my birth in 1983, I have lived in Cincinnati, a city in the United States. I have been a vegan for several years and an abolitionist since 2007.  |  more of my story

How Can I Contact Him?
Twitter, Facebook, and nathan {@} candidhominid {.} com

What Might I Overlook?
Pages about the history of veganism and the history of vegetarianism. Others review how ‘vegan’ is used by dictionaries, the news media, and animal advocates.

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